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This branding and website design for photographer, Alice Che, incorporated romantic, floral elements and a warm beige and pink color palette. Learn more about this project below!

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About Alice Che Photography

Alice Che is a San Francisco wedding photographer. She has a romantic, timeless touch. Her work is just beautiful and she works closely with her clients to create a high-end wedding experience.

3 words that describe Alice’s style

  • Romantic – I’m a huge lover of fairy tales and am drawn to the connection between a couple. Honestly, I love love and it makes me happy to photograph that!
  • Intimate – I love creating connections with my couples and providing a high-touch experience for them. I love helping them with everything, from finding the perfect wedding planner and florist to ensuring their day goes smoothly.
  • Emotional – I want to capture the emotions of the day in a way that tells the picture of the entire wedding and relationship. This actually includes the details for me, because I think that they were chosen for a reason and help show the personalities of my couples.
Pink and beige color palette

Alice’s core values

  • Capturing the emotions of relationships. I became a wedding photographer because of a photo my sister’s wedding photographer took of my grandpa hugging her. The look on my grandpa’s face encompassed all the love and pride he has ever felt for us and it literally made me cry when I saw it. I realized I wanted to be able to do that for other people, so I second shot a wedding and never looked back!
  • Forging a good relationship with my clients. As a photographer, you are the one vendor who is literally by the side of the bride the entire day, so I find it extremely important that the bride likes me and enjoys spending time with me. It also motivates me to capture their day beautifully for them, because I care about them and don’t want to disappoint them.
  • Attention to little details for a seamless wedding day experience. I don’t want my clients to know about any of the crazy behind-the-scenes. I want them to feel relaxed and have the best day of their lives.
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Alice’s thoughts on the process

“Jacki is a complete dream to work with. With just a few inspiration images and a handful of conversations with me, I immediately felt like Jacki knew what I wanted better than I did! My branding and website feels SO ME, and that was all due to Jacki’s incredible intuition.”

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