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5 questions to ask clients for knock-out website testimonials

Ever struggle to gather testimonials and reviews that really showcase how valuable your service or product is? When you ask the right questions, you can add knock-out testimonials to your website, increasing conversions effortlessly.

The value of effective website testimonials

Effective website testimonials are key to helping future clients understand the value of working with you. Imagine how easy it would be to book new clients with website testimonials that do the work for you. You don’t need to prove your worth if someone else is praising you and your services. That’s what website testimonials do!

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, pairing a description of your offer with a powerful client testimonial will make your conversions soar.

Discovering the right questions for website testimonials⠀⠀⠀⠀

It took me years to finally put together a questionnaire for my clients that asked specific questions — the kind that gave me the answers I was really searching for.

I discovered that some questions lead to “yes” and “no” answers, whereas other questions inspire testimonials that you love! The key is to not only ask the right questions, but the right number as well. Asking your clients to submit 10 answers after a project is done is a bit much. But five questions, at least for me, seem to be the magic number! It’s short enough for clients to fill it out in under 10 minutes, but long enough to get high-quality feedback.

I now have testimonials that really showcase what it was like working with me and the value it created for each of my clients. We’re talking about both emotional results and tangible results.

5 questions to ask clients for testimonials

Client testimonial questions

Here are the actual questions I ask!

  1. Can you share the challenges and frustrations you had before hiring me for your project?
  2. What was your favorite part of the process when working with me?
  3. Would you recommend my services to others? If so, why?
  4. What were the benefits you walked away with? Both how you felt and the tangible quantitative results?
  5. Is there anything else you would like to add?”

Website testimonial examples

With these questions, your testimonials should go from average to outstanding. And the great thing is, with 5-star reviews, you’ll be able to sell your offers just by letting your clients do the talking.

With these questions, you can go from this…

“I loved working with you! Your work is amazing and I love my new branding. Thank you so much for everything you created for me.” – Emily

To this…

“I am now in my 5th year of wedding planning, and in my first month alone after launching my website I had my biggest month of bookings at 40k! In just ONE MONTH I was able to overcome the challenges I faced for four years straight. My custom website and full branding have served me in ways that I never thought were possible. ” – Braelyn Belle Bodas Events

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