Custom Showit website for wedding planner, Belle Bodas Events

Event planner website

Braelynn, owner of Belle Bodas, hired us to create custom branding and design a new event planner website for her! We designed Braelynn’s wedding invitations and loved working with her on those tropical wedding invitations. We were overjoyed when she reached out for this project too.

Showit website design

About Belle Bodas

Belle Bodas is an event planning and design company. Braelynn designs stunning destination weddings and is amazing at what she does. She prides herself on creating seamless wedding experiences for her couples. Every bride needs a Braelynn in her life!

The goal for her new event planner website & branding

Although Braelynn is amazing at what she does, and has been in business for five years, her previous website didn’t fully represent her style and outlook. As Braelynn puts it, “I finally said enough is enough and decided it was time to invest in creating a brand that fully represented me, my style of weddings, and my outlook on what a ‘mindful planning experience’ looked like. I, therefore, searched for someone I connected with on a personal level, trusted wholeheartedly with creativity and design, and who I knew would take my own ideas and make them 10x better!”

Just as we do with all of our other custom work, we took the time to get to know Braelynn, her brand and understand her goals. Here are a few ways she describes her style.

3 words that describe the Belle Bodas style

  • Intentional – I love embracing my environment and surroundings in my style. My best friends say that I am the best with adapting my style to where I’m physically located (i.e. Mexico, Europe, etc.).
  • Classy – I like to look timeless and feel elegant.
  • Polished – Everyone that sees me always compliments me with “always having my shit together.”

Core values of the Belle Bodas brand

  • Honesty – I need to have a trusting relationship with my clients in order to have a successful wedding planning journey.
  • Commitment – I want my clients to know that I will deliver on what is asked of me and will give them 110% satisfaction with my services.
  • Passion – I want my clients to know that they are hiring someone who will fill their wedding journey with happiness, life and creativity.

Braelynn’s favorite part of the process

“I was immediately sold when I answered Foil & Ink’s first questionnaire, because it showed me that they too are choosing you and they are looking to work with business owners that are willing and ready to play big! The online homework was also very helpful, as it educated and guided me to what I was truly looking for, when in my head I thought I knew what I wanted all along.”

Wedding planner site

Wins since launching her new event planner website

“Where do I even begin? The feeling I experienced while looking through my new business website for the first time brought me to tears. It felt like I completed a triathlon, as all my blood, sweat, and tears of building my business for four years was finally honored in a way that couples would truly receive and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Belle Bodas Couple.

I am now in my fifth year of business, and in my first month alone after launching my website I had my biggest month in sales at 40k! In just ONE MONTH I was able to overcome the challenges I faced for four years straight. My custom website and full branding have served me in ways that I never thought were possible. Couples who find themselves at the Belle Bodas Events new website now book in 1-2 days, don’t ask for me to hold their hand throughout the closing process of our contract because they already feel safe, and last but most definitely not least, I am no longer pitching or selling my worth, because my website does it for me!”

Take a look at her custom brand design and new event planner website below! Plus, be sure to visit her live site here too!

Event planner logo
Event planner website

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