Photography Website Design for Olivia Marshall

Photography website design

Olivia Marshall’s photography website design and branding project began when she reached out for information on a rebrand! She was about to get married, and along with changing her own name, she wanted to rename her business too!

Inspiration for the photography website design & branding

She was really drawn to gold, peach, dusty blue and warm neutrals. Plus, with her inspiration often coming from the golden California sunshine, she wanted that incorporated too.

About Olivia Marshall

Olivia is a wedding photographer based in the San Francisco bay area. She photographs beautiful weddings and couples throughout California.

Olivia Marshall’s style in 3 words:

  • Golden – My style of film photography focuses a lot around natural light and the way film captures light so beautifully. My photos have a subtle warmth to them that not only makes them feel very authentic and real, but also is very symbolic of that natural golden California light that has always inspired me.
  • Genuine/Authentic – One of my goals when I photograph my clients is to photograph them in a very authentic way, as opposed to overly posed or over-edited. I first do this through guiding my couples into very natural, genuine poses, but still let their personalities and connection with each other show. I also want the photos to look as true to real life as possible, and just enhance the natural light by using film photography. Overly posed and over-edited photos can look really trendy and unrealistic, and I want my clients to love their photos for many years. I get to photograph my clients during some really important moments of their lives and I want to make sure that when they look back at their photos, all the feelings they had at that time come back to them!
  • Natural – Almost all of my work is taken outdoors where I love incorporating natural light and nature itself in my photos. My clients choose the location for their sessions and for their weddings for a reason, they have a special connection or love for that place so I want to make sure they get beautiful photos taken with these locations in mind! Ever since I started photography, nature has been such a consistent theme through my work as I’ve grown and evolved my style and my business, and is truly what inspires my work!
Photography website home page

The core values in Olivia’s photography business:

  • Communication – I think communication is so important between my clients and I. I know what it’s like to be on the other side of things and never hear back from people or get frustrated when it takes days for someone to get back to you, so I make sure to reply to my clients and new inquiries as quickly as possible (sometimes within hours). My clients appreciate this quick, but efficient communication. They always know that I can answer any questions they have as soon as possible! Communication is also important in how I educate my clients about photography, how to prep for their session, and what to expect when they work with me!
  • Trust – From the beginning, I want to build trust with my clients because photography is a huge investment to make, especially with someone they just met. I’m an open book with my clients. They can read past client testimonials, view full wedding galleries, follow along on Instagram, and look through the helpful client guides to get a better sense of what it’s like to work with me. My couples know that they can reach out at any time to ask me questions, schedule a time to chat, or meet for coffee while they are planning their weddings. I want them to be able to feel really comfortable and confident working with me!
  • Experience – From start to finish, I want my clients to feel taken care of, appreciated, and extremely happy with the entire process. Weddings can be really stressful and overwhelming. I want to be able to make my clients experience working with me as stress-free and easygoing as possible. I’m always looking to under-promise and over-deliver by getting back to them quicker than promised, posting sneak peeks sooner, sending out their galleries sooner than expected, and even mailing out handwritten notes with little thank you gifts after the wedding. I truly appreciate each and every one of my clients and want them to love everything about their experience!

Take a look through Olivia’s branding and website below! Visit her published Showit website design here.

Sun logo
Photography website design
Warm color palette
Photography website design

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