Prim Event Studio – Custom Brand Launch

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Morgan, owner of Prim Event Studio, contacted us for a complete rebrand. She had admired Foil & Ink from afar and was ready to work with us for a total refresh of her brand. She was after a logo with texture or shape — a brand that was naturally romantic and refined.

About Prim Event Studio

Prim Event Studio, run by the planner and dreamer, Morgan, specializes in luxury California weddings. From the little details to the jaw-dropping backdrops, Prim Event Studio takes care of it all.

3 words that describe your style

  • Effortless – Cool vibes, easy going, and not over the top.
  • Chic – Great design that feels modern and aspirational. When others look at my work, I want them to feel a sense of style and want them to want it.
  • Approachable – People can easily see themselves within my work, with its friendly tone and natural elements.

Why should clients trust you over other competitors?

I see working together as a collaborative process. I am not here to tell anyone what their wedding can be, or what it should be. I care deeply about giving each client the wedding THEY want. I stay calm throughout the process, but have a get it done attitude. I’ve been told by vendors that I’m simultaneously the most organized and chillest planner they’ve worked with. I’ll be the one to soothe my clients on their wedding day and make all their stress melt away when they see me. I’ll be honest and upfront and I’ll give clients great customer service. I take a limited number of weddings to give them as much focus as I can.

I have a background in all kinds of different event worlds that have all taught me something different about teamwork, design, calmness, attitude, diligence, responsibility, and client delivery.

What are the core values of your business?

  • Responsibility – To get the job done right with integrity. Responsibility to be honest and authentic throughout the process.
  • Growth – To always grow as an individual, continuing to learn and refine my process and skills and how to express myself. To help my clients grow in their vision of what a wedding can be and bring their day to a new level they couldn’t do on their own.
  • Mindfulness – To be grateful for each and every client I have and constantly be aware of my image and how I may come across in sincerity and calmness. To take the extra moment to make sure my emails are crafted respectfully and easily digestible for maximum impact.

Why did you choose to work with Foil & Ink?

  • Aesthetic of past work was very in line with what I was looking for
  • Jacki seemed to understand my vision on the initial call and I felt a great connection with her personality — I knew we’d be fast friends.
  • Pricing was just right to feel like this is a really important investment, but not so much that I felt like I was in over my head and uncomfortable.

What are 3 benefits you’ve experienced as a result of working with Foil & Ink?

  • SO. MUCH. MORE. CONFIDENCE. In so many ways — confidence in my site, in my collateral, in my imagery, in my services, in my voice, in who my ideal client is… the list goes on.
  • A brand that actually feels like me. The best compliment I got was from a current client who said the new brand she felt TOTALLY encompassed me and all of the work that I did for it. That made me so happy to feel like everything I’ve been doing has brought me to this point and so grateful to Foil & Ink to take all of that and make it happen!
  • A clearer vision of who I am serving and why, and the kinds of work I want to continue to do. This process helped me hone in on why I do what I do, and who I do it for.
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