Marisa Belle Photography – Custom Brand Launch

We created a new logo, marketing kit, and website for Marisa Belle Photography. We love its light, airy feel.

About Marisa Belle

Marisa Belle is a wedding and family portrait photographer from Arizona. She has two kids and loves to explore.

3 words that describe your style

  • Timeless – I want my clients to look back on their photos 50 years from now and be transported to that moment. I want them to fit into any decade and still feel and look like themselves.
  • Elegant – My editing style, use of natural light, and posing should all make my couples feel elegant when they look back at their images years from now.
  • Romantic/Bespoke – My style is romantic but I customize my client experience based on my client’s personalities and needs.

Why should clients trust you over other competitors?

I will always have my client’s best interest at heart and communicate that to them in a loving way. I am an advocate for my clients. Wedding days can be hectic and I will always stick up for my clients to make sure they have the most positive and fun day possible. I am an educator and communicator; most couples have never been in front of a professional photographer before their engagement session and my goal is to give them all the necessary information so they have fun and are relaxed in front of the camera! They will always get an honest and kind answer to any question they might have; I will never make them feel like they should know anything or that they’ve asked a dumb question. I will always let them know how grateful I am for their business!

What are the core values in your business?

  • Honesty – I’m not going to pretend I like to do something or know how to do something just to get business. If I’m not inspired, I’m not serving people in the best possible way.
  • Gratitude – I always want my clients to know that I am thankful for their business so I’ve built in ways to show my gratitude.
  • Communication – First-time brides don’t know anything yet and I feel like it’s my job to explain everything to them so they have the best experience possible. I’m working on improving my communication with them so they always feel like I have their best interest in mind and am thinking of them.
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