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Wild One Events custom branding

We loved having the opportunity to work with the lovely Jackie Hibbard from Wild One Events! Jackie came to us wanting to updated her current branding and take it to a more sophisticated and professional level. Jackie has a very authentic and charming approach to her work, and we wanted to be sure to capture that in her new designs. We went with a clean serif font for her main and alternate logos and paired them with slightly charming and whimsical graphics of butterflies and florals to give it a sense of whim. You can read more about Jackie and her business below!

About Jackie

Jackie is a wedding event planner located in Arizona who specializes in coordination, partial planning, and full-service wedding planning. She also offers floral design services for her brides.

3 words that describe your style

  • Authentic
  • Charming
  • Refined


Who is your ideal client?

“My dream client is in her late 20’s/early 30’s and is either pursuing an advanced degree or working a demanding (but fulfilling) job. She is engaged to someone pursuing a similar career path and thus does not have all the time in the world to spend on wedding plans. Her friends would describe her as hard-working, down-to-earth, and adventurous. She spends her weekends enjoying happy hour or entertaining friends at home, spending time outdoors, and traveling. My bride shops at places like Nordstrom or Anthropologie and her style would be described as casual-yet-cool. Her family and upbringing are important to her and likes to be intentional in the choices she makes – not just doing things because everyone else does. Since her time is limited she knows there is value in hiring a professional wedding planner to help guide her in the process, but still wants a collaborative approach. Since she has great taste designing an event that is not only beautiful but meaningful is a high priority of hers as well.”

What are the core values in your business?

  • Reliability – People hire me to do a very specific job that requires a lot of support and education. I feel that if I am not answering their questions before they even ask them then I am not doing my job very well. People need to be able to trust and rely on their wedding planner.
  • Collaborative– I want to work with my clients to design their dream wedding and tell their story.
  • Quality – At the end of the day I need to know that I did a job well done. It doesn’t need to be perfect all the time, but it needs to be of good quality and consistent.


What is your definition of success?

“My definition of success is different today then what I want it to be in 5 years. Because I work from home with my kids I’m truly happy with taking on a limited number of weddings right now – as long as I am reaching my ideal client and staying on brand. However, the version of success that I want to obtain someday is having a larger team where I can take on more of a “Creative Director” roll and have other office assistants/event managers working on the logistics. Have a physical office/studio to meet clients in. Producing a higher volume of weddings (not just in Arizona). And achieving certain recognitions and accolades from larger publications (Martha Weddings, Harpers Bazar, etc.).”


You can visit Jackie’s current site HERE.