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Showit website launch: Rachael Ellen Events

About Rachael 

Rachael is the owner and lead designer for Rachael Ellen Events. Her business specializes in full service wedding planning, design, coordination and floral design.

3 words that describe your style

  • Romantic
  • Fine Art/feminine
  • Fashion forward

Who is your ideal client?

We are trying to attract fashionable affluent brides who care about creating experiences rather than putting on a show. We aren’t creating weddings that are there to impress their high school boyfriends families. We are creating experiences that are curated perfectly for their guests for them to enjoy every second and celebrate their love. This isn’t about anyone but the couple and they realize that all while wanting their guests to have an incredible experience.

Each are fashionable in their own way with a distinct sense of style. They love to travel. They love culture– they are probably art exhibit goers and self proclaimed foodies. They understand the way inspiration comes from many of these things and aren’t looking to create a pinterest copy.

Our brides shop at boutiques and luxe department stores– Saks, Bergdorfs, Galleries Lafayette in Paris.. but they also love a good vintage find or boutique purchase on their travels. They arent your typical J. Crew, Madewell, or Anthropologie brides. They have their go to designers and like their things nice. The grooms probably wear mainly custom fit suits and accessorize with fun pocket squares, glasses, or slide shoes. They are classic but have a style and concern for fashion.

What are the core values in your business?

  • Creating something I am proud of.  Weddings are tough. Maybe the mother of the bride is mad because the roses are slightly more pink than she had imagined or maybe the bride is upset because the cake was late… but at the end of the day, if I feel that I have created something that is a true reflection of my couples and their love and something that is undeniably beautiful, I am happy. I feel so much fulfillment and pride in creating something that a bride was only able to explain or maybe not even able to explain at all. There is a quote that says ” i will make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life” and I really feel that to my core. Creating and designing beauty is what it is all about! It sets the perfect stage for a celebration of a love story.
  • Amazing communication. I talk with my brides. A lot. Sometimes it is exhausting but I think communication is key in this process. I never want my brides or vendors to feel alone or like they are doing any of this without help. I think constant contact, phone calls, and helping in whatever way they need is what I am here for. Just this week i had a phone call with a bride and she was feeling really emotional and upset about her face shape… it sounds crazy but when I thought about it, I was so glad that my bride felt comfortable enough to talk with me and let me be her shoulder to lean on. At the end of this, we are friends with our clients and I think that happens through open communication and contact.
  • Attention to detail. There are so many moving parts that play into an event or an experience. What do the guests see when they first walk in? What do they smell? What are they going to taste? How will this make them feel? Every single detail plays a role and we pride ourselves in leaving no detail unturned and nothing forgotten. This attention is seen in the design, the plans for the day, and the way it is run. Nothing gets by us in the creative plans or in the logistics.

What is your definition of success?

I think I have lots of versions of this. One version is being able to travel the world creating and doing what I love. Another version is making enough money that this is the only job we ever have. I also think getting to a point where Rachael Ellen is a name recognized would be huge.  I don’t think it needs to stop with weddings. I would love a dress line, a gift line, and to collaborate on all things wedding and entertaining.

I could see myself with an office in NYC and Paris, taking on about 10 weddings per year tops.  We would be traveling all over the world to design and execute these weddings and in our free time we would be collaborating with other brands to create wedding dresses, shoes, perfume… anything we wanted to!

You can check out Rachael’s new Showit5 website design in action HERE.

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