About Tessa 

Tessa is the owner and lead designer of Tie the Knot by Tessa. They specialize in full time wedding planning and design.

3 words that describe your style

  • Timeless
  • Romantic
  • Understated


Who is your ideal client?

My dream client is someone who is open to new ideas! We always try to switch it up, and although our style is identifiable, we don’t want all our weddings to look the same. We want to work with someone who shares our wedding style (timeless, romantic, understated), but with a twist. We always try to incorporate their personal style here.

Our ideal client is trusting, laid back, bubbly, fun, classy, fashionable, excited and happy. They enjoy the finer things in life, but they don’t let those things define them or dictate how they treat others. This ideal client is between 25-37 years old. They like to shop on Revolve.com, Shop Planet Blue and Nordstrom. Here are a list of female celebrities that I would consider dream clients: Julianne Hough, Emma Stone, Jesse James Decker, and Shailene Woodley.

What are the core values in your business?

  • Honesty – Open and honest communication is so important. Without honesty and communication, I will never find out what they truly want/need from me and for their wedding day. This comes into play with design. Our clients should feel comfortable telling me that they don’t like one of my ideas, rather than biting their tongue and being unhappy. We want happy clients!
  • Organization – Although I cannot plan all weddings in the same way, it is important for me to develop a method to organize the process, making it clear and easy for everyone involved. I want people to know what is expected of them, and I want to provide them with the tools that allow for a stress free, organized and straight-forward experience. I am currently working on a series of PDF/questionnaires that will be used for each client throughout the planning process. I need to grow my business, so my lead coordinators can rely on these tools, as well.
  • Trust – My clients need to trust me. I need to trust the vendors and my team. Without trust, I will not be confident in what I’m trying to achieve. Like my clients, I also need a clear mind and security.


What is your definition of success?

I define my success on my level of fulfillment. When I am fulfilled, I work harder and success (financial) comes naturally. I’m hustling now, but I would eventually like to take a step back, just do design, and pass clients to my team. I feel most successful when I create jobs and give work to my girls.

You can check out Tessa’s new Showit5 website design in action HERE.


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