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Showit Website Design and Custom Branding for California Wedding Photographer, Olivia Marshall

Custom website design and branding for the talented photographer, Olivia Marshall. This branding and website design for photographers, Olivia and Brandon, incorporated timeless, sophisticated, yet fun elements. Along with a neutral color palette with a few pops of color! Keep scrolling to learn and view more.

About Olivia Marshall

This custom website design and branding was for Olivia Marshall, a Northern California photographer. She photographs beautiful couples and weddings in the Bay Area and Napa Valley. Alongside Olivia is her husband Brandon, who films the couples as Olivia photographs.

3 Words that Describe Olivia’s Style

  • Light – Our style of photography revolves around the beautiful natural light here in golden California. It’s always our priority to make sure our photos feel bright and natural. We are very lucky to have beautiful soft lighting here in California and primarily outdoor locations for our couples weddings- which are a perfect match with our photography style!
  • Joyful – One of the reasons I became a photographer was because I loved capturing the joyful moments in the lives of my clients! From being newly engaged, to getting married, and growing their families, I’m always there to document all the special memories and the joy for my clients.
  • Timeless – When you look back at photos taken 1, 5, 10, or 20 years ago you never want to think they look outdated or too trendy, especially when they are your wedding photos. Our goal is for our style to be clean, natural, and timeless so our clients can always look back at their photos and find them beautiful for many years to come! Trends come and go, but your photos should be classic and never go out of style.

Olivia’s Core Values

  • We believe in lots of open communication with our clients. Communication is important to both me and the overall experience my clients have working with us. My clients know from the moment they book us, they can contact me any time. Whether they have questions or want to chat about their wedding day. I’m not the type of person they book and don’t hear from until the wedding day. Communication is a big part of building a foundation of trust my couples have with us.
  • Photography is a big investment for our clients. I want them to have complete trust in us from the moment they land on our website. We have had the honor of photographing hundreds of clients over the last 12+ years. We know that each of them trusted us to document important memories for them. As photographers, we don’t take our job lightly. We know these are incredibly meaningful moments that our clients will remember forever through our photos!
  • I want my clients to enjoy having us as their photographers! I always promise my couples, especially those who feel uncomfortable having their photos taken, that they are going to have a good time being in front of my camera! We get to know each other, laugh and make jokes to lighten the mood. My goal is for them to feel taken care of while celebrating their new favorite memories together!

Custom website design and branding

Olivia’s Thoughts on the Process

“I had worked with Jacki on my previous rebrand back in 2019, so I obviously loved all my branding and the website she had created for me. We knew she would be the perfect choice to refresh my brand again in 2022! I love her style, her creative eye for design, and how she can really create a unique brand for small businesses.

We absolutely LOVE my new branding and website so much! I’ve received so many compliments on it all. Everyone agrees the whole vibe of the site really reflects me and my work so much better than my previous site. Since launching in fall 2022 I’ve already been attracting more high-end clients and weddings. This was ultimately one of my biggest goals! This time around I also worked with a copywriter who Jacki recommends (shoutout to Salted Pages!) and between Jacki’s design and Lauren’s copy, my site is exactly what I wanted it to be and more!”

Visit the live website design for photographer, Olivia Marshall, here!

You can purchase the template used for her customization HERE.

Custom website design and branding

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