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A quick guide to creating your brand color palette

Trying to find the perfect color palette for a brand is one of my favorite parts in the brand design process! I’m breaking down an easy way to create your own color palette and use it in your branding.

Brand color palette

1. Start with 3-4 words that describe your brand’s style

By selecting words first, you’ll be able to comb through colors with a description in mind. What are you going for? Inviting, bold, warm, elegant or organic? There are so many words to choose from. Play around in word tools like Another question to ask yourself is, “How do you want clients to describe you?”

Not sure how to pick the words? Think about who you serve. What are your ideal clients drawn to? And how do you want to stand out? Select words that will last as your business changes, rather than sticking with the trends.

2. Create an inspiration board

I love using Pinterest for this! Create an inspiration board with everything from colors to fonts and imagery. Remember to keep the words from step one in mind.

3. Pick five colors from your inspiration board

You can use a color picker tool from Photoshop to grab the exact hex codes. Be sure to pick five colors that you absolute love, but that also reflect the style of your work.

4. Designate specific colors for different areas of your branding and your website

Once your brand color palette is finalized, it’s important to designate colors for specific purposes. Ideas include:

  • Paragraph font color
  • Header font color
  • Call to action buttons
  • Color blocks
  • Website backgrounds

There you have it! These simple steps will help you create go-to colors for your brand. How did you develop your brand color palette? Share below!