Image naming is a dynamite way to increase search engine rankings. If you optimize your images for SEO, you can lead users straight to you from Google images search. Amazing, right? Let’s dig into the exact details of how to do this. How image naming impacts SEO If this is the first time you’ve wrapped […]

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Showit SEO is fairly straightforward, but is overlooked far too often when photographers and other creatives DIY their site. If you’re currently working on the SEO for your Showit site, here are a few painful mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Forgetting to fill out the SEO settings Every page in Showit has SEO settings that […]

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One of questions that often keeps my web design clients on edge is wondering how to find keywords for a website. It comes down to researching keyword phrases with the right tools.

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If you’ve spent a lot of time designing a beautiful website just to realize that it doesn’t convert leads, I’m here to help! Let’s increase conversion rates on your website with five easy tips. 1. Feature your brand statement at the top of your home page The first thing viewers want (and need) to see […]

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This branding and website design for photographer, Alice Che, incorporated romantic, floral elements and a warm beige and pink color palette. Learn more about this project below! About Alice Che Photography Alice Che is a San Francisco wedding photographer. She has a romantic, timeless touch. Her work is just beautiful and she works closely with […]

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Ever struggle to gather testimonials and reviews that really showcase how valuable your service or product is? When you ask the right questions, you can add knock-out testimonials to your website, increasing conversions effortlessly. The value of effective website testimonials Effective website testimonials are key to helping future clients understand the value of working with […]

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