Stock photography… something so small, but makes the biggest difference when wanting to make your brand stand out. Most businesses turn to stock imagery even though they can afford custom photos just to save some time. Although, I do recommend hiring a brand photographer and getting on-brand images of you. But sometimes a brand photographer […]

Trying to find the perfect color palette for a brand is one of my favorite parts in the brand design process! I’m breaking down an easy way to create your own color palette and use it in your branding. 1. Start with 3-4 words that describe your brand’s style By selecting words first, you’ll be […]

Brand color palette

If you’ve spent a lot of time designing a beautiful website just to realize that it doesn’t convert leads, I’m here to help! Let’s increase conversion rates on your website with five easy tips. 1. Feature your brand statement at the top of your home page The first thing viewers want (and need) to see […]

Increase conversion rates

CTA buttons or call to action buttons are one of the most important features on your website. I’m going to break down three easy ways to make your CTAs stand out on your own site! First things first, let’s talk about what CTA buttons do! The purpose of CTA buttons Guide viewers to specific areas […]

CTA buttons

Ever struggle to gather testimonials and reviews that really showcase how valuable your service or product is? When you ask the right questions, you can add knock-out testimonials to your website, increasing conversions effortlessly. The value of effective website testimonials Effective website testimonials are key to helping future clients understand the value of working with […]

Client testimonial questions

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