The Lauren Style – Custom Photography Branding

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We worked with photographer and brand stylist, Lauren Schumacher, to create a new website for her site, Take a look at our work below and read about Lauren’s brand.

About Lauren Schumacher – the Lauren Style

Lauren is a photographer and brand strategist. She offers presets, workshops, online courses, and brand photography.

3 words that describe your style

  • Clean – Negative space. I want simple, yet thoughtful. Sometimes clean can get a bad rap in the photography world, like it’s almost too simple, but I love that my images are classic and clean, and real.
  • Light – My images are bright. I use a lot of white backdrops. I love white clean backdrops. I love the brightness and almost airy feel.
  • Styled – I use that word because every image is styled. I styled it to be that way; it didn’t get there on its own. In my opinion, every image has to have style to it; flat lay products rely heavily on being styled to look good.

What are the core values in your business?

  • Community – My clients — the people I work with are the reason I have a business. They have become my friends. Relationships are number one to me. I love being with people, being inspired by them, growing with them. I feel that everyone needs a community. Without one, you don’t strive. You are who you surround yourself with.
  • Experiences – I live to experience new things — new places, new shops, new eats, new clothes, new furniture, new movies, new candles. I love traveling. It’s what keeps me inspired. My business has allowed me to experience so much. I have traveled and met so many more people because of my business. I want my clients to have that and to feel a happy experience when they work with me.
  • Transformation – I live for transformations. For befores and afters. Helping transform my clients’, students’, and customers’ photos and brands through my photography, presets, workshops, and soon-to-be online courses. I want people to walk away feeling transformed.


Lauren used our Morocco website template. You can purchase our coding-free template HERE.

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