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We designed Kiley Harmon’s logo as well as an alternate logo, sub-mark, graphic, color palette, and mood board. Kiley wanted something in cool tones with hand-drawn botanicals that represented her organic, free-spirited style.

About Kiley Harmon

Kiley is a photographer from Tucson, Arizona. She focuses on intimate weddings and engagements, elopements, and boudoir photography.

3 words that describe your style

  • Organic – Honesty and realness are so important to me. To me, being organic is real, natural, truthful, emotional, unposed, and of the wilderness.
  • FreeSpirited – I want to welcome and draw in people who are unafraid to take risks. I love crazy, wild bouquets, barefoot brides, and weddings you haven’t seen 1,000 times before.
  • Artistic – We all need the classic “look into the camera and smile” photo for our grandparents and our wedding album, but doing an entire session like this kills my soul. I want people to see that my work at least aspires to be “fine art.” I want to attract people who want photos with more of an artistic vibe than your classic wedding photos. That being said, “moody” is not my jam. I love airy photos that look like a painting.

What are the core values in your business?

  • Honesty – I want everything- from start to finish to be and feel honest. I see so many weddings and styled shoots that seem impossible — because for most people, they are. I want my couples to feel that I’ve genuinely captured their honest selves and how their wedding day really happened. I am more than happy to deliver a less-than-perfect photo if the emotion is there. I think that’s where the truth comes in. Not everything is perfect, and that’s okay. The MOST important thing is that a photo is honest. My clients need to trust me and know that I will be true to them and their relationships.
  • Love – It’s for everyone! I strive to represent love in all forms. I serve all couples, and believe wholeheartedly that couples of all orientations deserve to be served in the best way.
  • Adventure – Push the limits, and stray from what the crowd is doing. I HATE cliche more than anything. You’ll never hear me say “swoon-worthy,” “capture moments,” “give me all the ____,” or any other photography Instagram cliche.
    It is SO important to me that I stay outside of what every other person is doing, and I want my clients to feel the same way. I want to adventure up mountains and away from mason jars, and I want my clients to be the type of people who think outside the Pinterest box.

Custom logo inspiration

Modern floral logo design

Custom photography logo

Custom photography logo



Logo submark with floral design

Logo sub marks

Custom Floral Logo Design

Teal Gray Logo Design

Teal Gray Logo Design

Kiley also purchased our Indian Summer website template and customized it herself. You can purchase our coding-free template HERE.

Customizable Teal Website

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Kiley Harmon – Custom Photography Branding

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