We adored working with Charity to create an elegant website and brand. Charity’s goal was to create something that appealed to her ideal client, something that spoke of luxury and ease. Take a look at what we created…

About Charity

Charity offers wedding photography for sophisticated and luxurious couples.

3 words that describe your style

  • High-end – I feel that there is so much talent here in AZ and the film photography niche is getting saturated. Here’s an area where I feel like I can stand apart by providing and servicing more elevated weddings.
  • Romantic– This word has been true to my work from shooting $1,200 weddings to $10,000! My photos have always highlighted connection and I strive to capture an effortless elegance vibe.
  • Personable – I believe this is hugely what sets me a part — who I am at my core. I love to treasure and celebrate each person and couple for who THEY are. I love learning about people. I’m much more comfortable listening to people talk about themselves than I am talking about myself. One of my favorite things is being able to show up to weddings and already know a handful of personal things about my clients. I’m not the “I’m your best friend” energetic type, but I am about celebrating people and showing up in a way that is personalized for each client.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client on average is 30 years old. They are young professionals. They want to create an amazing experience for their guests and want their wedding to be unique! My ideal clients deeply value marriage and family — one of my absolute favorite things about them. They have sophisticated taste, yet they are down-to-earth, personable people. For photography, they love natural looking images. They are not DIY’ers and want an expert who is going to lead, direct, and walk them through a process.

What are the core values in your business?

  • Customer Service – I have a conviction that business is simply an amazing opportunity to add value and joy to people’s lives. I think the world is full of lots of broken things, and my business is too, but I strive to make it, as much as I can, a place of ease and benefit to the people I have the honor to serve.
  • Celebrating People – I think that every person should be celebrated and see the beauty that is in them!
  • Excellence – This is important to me when it comes to running a business and serving people, as well as offering a beautiful, high-quality craft.

What is your definition of success?

I want a true balance between motherhood and being a successful business owner. What this means for me is having lots of white space in my week. I use this white space to cook homemade meals, be accessible emotionally and physically to my kids, and make family memories. On the flip side, for business, I want to run a successful, profitable business that I don’t have to work around the clock to maintain. For me, this means smaller quantity and honing my focus to create a ton of quality for my few wedding clients.

What made you choose to work with Foil & Ink?

Really, I think Jacki was just really accessible. She was local and I loved that I could call her up and talk through my thought process and felt comfortable to do so. I knew she was talented and reliable, so that’s a no-brainer decision to me!

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest during and after working with Foil & Ink?

I really appreciated how Jacki stuck with me in my vision and was always willing to walk forward with me even if it was something she didn’t quite understand, or not what she would have done herself. She definitely let me lead the way with my own vision and goals, and I so appreciated how she was up for anything. At the same time, she really helped educate and collaborate when needed. I really feel like we created something awesome together because we really did just that…we did it together! And that collaboration made it something really, really amazing!

What benefits have you experienced as a result of working with Foil & Ink?

Jacki gave me a brand that stands out and is recognizable and striking.


You can visit Charity’s current site HERE and find our collection of website templates HERE.






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